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Ivy Davis
Ivy Davis.png
Aliases "Ives"
Age 30s(?)
Status Deceased
Nationality English
Relations Joe Davis (Husband)
Mr. Davis (Father-in-law)
Mary Davis (Mother-in-law) Robbie Davis (Brother-in-law)

Ivy Davis is a major character and the catalyst in Downfall. She is the wife to Joe Davis.


Ivy Davis is a troubled woman who battles with a sense of identity and with finding a strong grasp in reality. Like her husband, it's possible that she suffers from some kind of mental disability. She flits between moments of clarity and mentally blacking out.

When they first arrive at Quiet Haven, Ivy demands that Joe see their relationship for what it is, insinuating that she resents their marriage and what it has become. However, in her letter, she comes off as a pessimistic romantic still in love with her husband.



There's an insinuation that Ivy was more put together before they went on holiday and left London. During her argument with Joe in their hotel room, she admits that she can't control herself or the thoughts that she suffers from.


When brought to Quiet Haven, Ivy frets about the state of her dress in the rain, but once inside, Ivy speaks to herself in spite of her and Joe being in front of The Receptionist. Her outspoken though ts are unsettling enough that The Receptionist, who offers for the couple to visit Frank Zelmann the next day. Once she and Joe are alone, Ivy has a moment of clarity and asks Joe what's wrong with her. This conversation prompts an argument about the state of their marriage, and they go to sleep. When Joe wakes up the following morning, Ivy's gone.

During her argument with Joe, Ivy admits that she might have blacked out earlier and started dreaming. She describes her dream by saying, "There was that dead fat woman in my dream who only wished to kill herself… but she couldn't do it."

Her disappearance, at first, is nothing of concern as Joe assumes that she merely went downstairs for breakfast. It's here in the dining room that Joe has a heated confrontation with The Receptionist. It's revealed that Ivy made quick friends with Sophie Cheauvair, and her disappearance isn't as benign as it first appeared. He's given Ivy's letter where it's insinuated that she has a personal struggle with an eating disorder, which is later revealed to be anorexia.

Ivy doesn't have much of a direct influence on the game after she disappears. She appears in Joe's dreams three different times, however. She does make her final appearance after the final version of Sophie is killed. Joe takes her back to Doctor Z's room and hooks her up to the Ressurector. It's at this time a private investigator Billy Hookway comes across the scene and tells Joe that Ivy has been dead for a long time now. It must be noted though if the player chooses the ending where Joe surrender after being tied up to the eletric chair Ivy suddenly wakes up and saves him by shooting Billy Hookway.

Ivy's Letter[]


Ivy's Letter.png


Dear Joe, I didn't want to wake you up so I went downstairs on my own.
You don't have to worry, I am eating again.
There's no need to watch me all the time, like you do...
As I'm sitting here at the table I can't stop myself from thinking.
What's going to happen to us?
I tried to understand that you were just worried about me and tried to save me from starving myself to death... I know I've been a silly bitch.
But after everything we've gone through there's this wall between us... We just don't connect anymore...
Maybe it is my fault. Fair enough. Things happen.
But what if this is the end of us?
Will you let me go?
Will you just erase me from your life forever?
I don't know myself what I want...
You see, life is nothing but a dream.
Nothing in life really matters... What we say, what we do, what we see...
It only matters that we're here. The existence. The closeness...
Knowing that when I draw my breath you draw yours next to me...
And you've taken it all away from me.
I've become an empty shell, an accessory, a stupid point you have to prove...
I might be crazy sometimes but deep inside...
...Deep inside I still love you, Joe.

Ivy's Dialogue[]

  • There are skeletons in the basement, Joe. Please don't go in there! Please!
  • I walked through the mud… My new shoes got dirt on them… Ma will be so mad. Please… put it down… PUT IT FUCKING DOWN!!!
  • If this is reality, I'm dreading to think what my dreams will be like…
  • (in Joe's first dream) Joe. Joey. Come to me. I’m waiting. Let’s die together. Don’t you just wish… Don’t you just wish we could vanish? Never draw a breath… Never face this cruel reality again… Because I do. All the time.