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Not to be confused with The Axeman, Dr. Frank Zelmann's creation that used John Wilson's brain.
John Wilson
John Wilson.png
Aliases Devonshire Axeman
Born June 15, 1969
Plymouth, Devonshire, England
Died c. 2009 (aged 49)
Devonshire, England
Status Deceased
Nationality English

John Wilson (born June 15, 1969) is a minor character in Downfall. Also known as the Devonshire Axeman, he is a mental patient that has a history of paranoid schizophrenia. Besides being found in the cellar as a corpse, he doesn't do anything else in the game.


John Wilson is a mentally unstable murderer who murdered several people one night in Devonshire with a fire axe. He has a patient file that can be found on a trolley table next to his corpse.

"John Wilson, D.O.B.: 15, 06, 1969, Place of Birth: Plymouth, Blood: 0 Negative, History of Mental Illness (paranoid schizophrenia).

Known by the press as the Devonshire Axeman who brutally murdered several people using the fire axe."



John Wilson was born on June 15, 1969 in Plymouth. If Downfall takes place on June 16, 2009, the date the game was released, this would make him 40.

John Wilson killed five locals on a stormy night with a fire axe. Afterwards, the police caught him and gave him a death sentence. He had paranoid schizophrenia so it is likely that he was mentally unstable before.


Joe finds Wilson's corpse and takes his brain in a glass bowl full of ice cubes to give to Dr. Frank Zelmann. However, for taking his brain Wilson will turn off the gas, making it so Joe can't turn on the gas stove in the bathroom on the third floor. To solve this, Joe cuts open the head of the pig in the freezer with a saw and gives the pig's brain to Wilson, fooling him.

Although Wilson doesn't do anything else in the game after this, he lives on in The Axeman, Doctor Z's creation that used his brain.

Behind the Scenes[]

John Wilson's date of birth, June 15, 1969, is remarkably similar to the release date of Downfall, June 16, 2009.