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Mr. Davis
Mr. Davis.png
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Nationality American
Relations Mary Davis (Wife)
Joe Davis (Son)
Robbie Davis (Son)
Ivy Davis (Daughter-in-law)

Mr. Davis is a minor character in Downfall. He was the husband to Mary Davis and the father of Joe Davis and Robbie Davis. His name is never revealed.


It's hard to know for certain what kind of person he was before the events of the game. Through his brief dialogue with Joe, it's assumed that he was distant with Joe while expressing love for his wife and younger son. After Robbie dies, he becomes a verbally abusive alcoholic until the time of his death.



It was possible that Mr. Davis lived a happy - although dysfunctional, if the dialogue from his sole encounter is to be believed - life with his wife and two sons. However, after Robbie's death the state of the family worsened, ultimately leading to the death of his wife. It is likely that these two events caused Mr. Davis' contempt, if not outright hatred, towards Joe to result in neglect and abuse while Joe still lived with his father.


Mr. Davis appears in the final act of the game as a corpse with a bleeding gash in his head. His words to Joe are abusive and remorseful. He ultimately blames Joe for what happened to the family and says that he wished it was Joe that died that day. It's during this time he admits that he would have committed suicide as well if he hadn't started drinking. The circumstances of his death are unknown. From the gash in his head, it's likely that Mr. Davis was killed, more than likely by Joe, while he was drinking and watching television.


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Sole encounter

  • Joey.... You little shit...
  • Look what you've done to me....
  • What you've done to us....
  • It's your fault that she... It's always been you.
  • You made her do what she did. We both know that, don't we?...
  • Yes, Joe. Yeaaaaah.....
  • You f-slur, you couldn't keep an eye on your little brother for five fucking minutes....
  • He was always the better one.
  • I wish it was you who died that day....
  • I wish it was you... Maybe then... maybe Mary wouldn't have done what she had...
  • You have blood on your hands, son.
  • You have blood all over you.
  • You just hurt everyone near you.
  • You made mother kill herself.
  • I had to do something.... If it wasn't for the drink I'd do just the same thing...
  • But look at me now.
  • I'm rotting in front of the tv set.... And you...
  • ...You're going to kill again.
  • So fuck you, Joe.
  • Fuck you.